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If you are having Micromax LED TV/LCD TV than There are some common issue and their solution and cost implications.
If you are Facing Below mentioned Common Issue than it needs your attention:-
  • Video Issue
  • No Video & No Audio
  • No Audio or Intermittent Audio
  • USB / Other Connector Issue
  • Remote Issue
Knowing Video Issues in a Micromax TV Repair?
This is the most common problem while encountering a Micromax TV Repair. 55% of the TVs going for repair end up having this Issue. Video Issues can be anything from complete colour loss, Colour patches, lines on TV Screen, black spots on a TV, flickering of video in a row. Find more on Video Issues and solutions here.
If Both Video & Audio Is Missing?
Second most frequent issue in a flat panel Micromax TV which is seen in almost 25% of the cases. As the heading suggests this is cal complete black out in a TV Repair. There is a common misconception on the repair charges for this problem and we will read more on this later.

What Is A Audio Issue in a Micromax TV Repair?
Almost 15% of the people face this issue. This looks like you are playing dumb charade with the TV trying to interpret what the video suggests. This is 3rd most frequently encountered issue in a LCD TV Repair. We will be discussing the causes and charges for this in later articles.
Remote and Connector Issues?
These combined with other issues constitute 5% of the problems faced by customers. While connector issues can become a nightmare other issues are fairly not very exhaustive. Connector issues generally cost Rs.650 - Rs.1000. While we have worked on servicing and repairing 1.8 M devices over years we follow science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about repair information. This analysis is used to train Engineers who visit your home for appliance repair jobs. We believe our engineers make superior technical decisions due to this and we disprove existing models or theories in Appliance Repair. What it means for you is fast quality repair at lower costs.
We have an on-ground team of engineers which deliver the service at your doorstep at a time selected by you.Our aim is to provide a hassle free service at affordable prices and empower you with a technology platform which gives you a ready reference to your appliance repair needs when you need it most.our approach facilitates preventive maintenance through easy to do DIY diagnostics that everyone can do it by himself at home.